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News: Diesel brake tender is next from Hornby Magazine for ‘OO’ gauge

Published 28 November 2012, 16:36

Hornby Magazine has teamed up with Dapol to bring modellers a ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge model of the sought after BR diesel brake tender with an expected release date in Spring 2013.

Work has been on-going on the CAD/CAM drawing work for the new item over the past six months and has now reached the point where the drawings are 90% complete and about to undergo further revisions before the new tool is cut.

The new model will be based on the later round topped BR diesel brake tender introduced in 1964-1965 and it will feature Gresley pattern bogies, NEM coupling pockets, scale 14.4mm diameter wheels and sprung buffers.

Diesel brake tenders were introduced to increase the brake force available to unfitted freight trains – those without vacuum brakes on each wagon - hauled by diesel locomotives which were lighter than their previous steam counterparts. In total 122 diesel brake tenders were built and numbered B964000-B964121.

The brake tenders had a tare weight of 35ton 10cwt and measured 35ft 6in over the buffers. The design ensured the top of the body was lower than the cab windows of diesel locomotives to avoid obscuring the view ahead. They were built using cut down underframes from ex-LMS and ex-LNER coaches and placed on bogies of the same origins.

Brake tenders were seen across the BR network, but working practice differed between regions. For example, the North Eastern Region normally marshalled a brake tender in front of the train engine while the Southern Region preferred to couple them behind a locomotive.
Hornby Magazine’s model will focus on the Diagram 556 brake tenders which produced vehicles B964000-B964004 for Lot 3442, B964005-B964019 for Lot 3443, B964020-B964028 for part of Lot 3444 and B964031-B964034 for part of Lot 3445.

HM Editor Mike Wild says: “We are proud to be working on our second ready-to-run model and we have been working closely with Dapol to ensure that the diesel brake tender achieves the high level of detail which modellers now expect.”

On release the diesel brake tender will be made available in BR green, BR green with small yellow warning panels and BR blue liveries to suit the full history of these unusual vehicles. The price of the model will be confirmed soon.
Mike Wild added: “We aren’t taking orders for the diesel brake tender just yet, but as soon as we are ready we will let you know via the pages of Hornby Magazine.”

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